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Another Joy of Motherhood

Another joy of motherhood… A few months after giving birth, my hair started getting very brittle, and much of it is falling out as well,as you can see from the brush. The other pic shows a frikkin dreadlock that started forming at the back of my head. Granted, I hadn’t showered in about a week (oh, how our relationship with grossness changes as a parent lol) but this was quite shocking still. As I contemplate cutting my hair short, I realize I have solved a childhood mystery. I would look at all the moms picking up their kids at school and wonder why so many of them have short hair. Up until recently I assumed it was a matter of practicality, saving time with an easy hairdo and less opportunity for hair pulling by babies (beware, they are stronger than they look!! ) While those are good reasons, the fact that hormonal changes after birth often leave a woman’s hair in tatters is probably an even bigger motivation to go short for a while. As for me, I haven’t decided yet… #joysofmotherhood #babypower #goingshort #badhairdayeveryday #parentingforlife

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