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Behold the ‘Rat Barn’

Behold the ‘Rat Barn’. When we got a Rat for Cesar, I expected it to mostly be an experience of ‘damage control’. Initially, yes, we had to spend a lot of time over and over to show Cesar what’s acceptable and what is not in playing and handling the rat. But I must say, Cesar has impressed me over and over in coming up with innovative ways of entertaining the rat. The Rat has now got her own ‘island’ his dressers and our drawer cupboards combined) where there’s different homes, some ‘caves’ and ladders connecting the different heights. The newest addition to the Rat Island is this Rat Barn. Initially we had just the roof, because Cesar was not very patient and too excited about having it as a tent for the rat. After a while he decided he should become an attic, with a room underneath. I suggested the ladder. He loved it. But now he couldn’t move the barn with the rat in it, so then we also added a floor at the bottom and a little barn door for more privacy. All you need is some popsicle sticks, a glue gun, imagination and some disposable finger tips (glue gun burn is REAL💥) .

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