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Blinded by Emotion

Some of Syntia’s tell-tale teething signs: sweating and holding her ear during naps. She’s got 3 teeth out with number 4 on the way. Hang in there lady!!! When Syntia gets tired and cries or flings her body around not knowing what to do with herself, I still have to be very diligent in my self-application when my emotions get triggered. One of the things that helps is telling myself that whatever I feel I am struggling with inside myself right now, she has it much worse. Our own emotional experiences can be overwhelming and blind us to the reality of a moment. And yes, while emotional havoc can be difficult to work with and work through, it doesn’t compare in the slightest to the physical agony our babies have to brave. This simple reminder has helped me to snap myself out from under the spell of my own inner turmoil, and reclaim my ability to direct myself and act in the best interest of Syntia and me both. I will be sharing more about what I have learnt and applied in those challenging moments where my emotions suddenly sweep up while I am with Syntia in videos to come, so keep an eye out for more content!

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