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Cesar and Critters

Cesar is into #beetles once more. He has been gathering every single beetle he can find and dropping it off in @sunettespies ‘s new rose garden. The roses were a wedding gift and now Cesar decided to give Sunette beetles as a wedding gift that can live among the roses. We’ve been seeing quite a bit of beetles we haven’t spotted before, along with finding answers to his many beetle questions. His new favorite game is to play ‘rhino beetle’.
Whenever he starts to get into a type of bug I always squirm a bit because they are tiny and can easily get hurt. It always takes some time to remind him and set a framework of consideration on handing little critters 🐞. In this picture you can see in how he is holding himself and the beetle that after initial repeats – it is in the end worth it. A real softness being embodied, even with a beetle that has rather spikey legs!

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