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Double Whammy

When I go silent on social media it usually means I have something going on in my life that needs more of my focus and attention. These past two weeks were no different. Around the same time that Syntia’s second top tooth broke through, she developed a viral infection in her gums (herpetic stomatitis) – it’s been causing her so much pain that she’s been refusing to breastfeed. We resorted to using a breast pump and squirting the liquid gold into her mouth with a medicine dropper (bottles hurt her too much as well). While the viral infection was busy healing, she got hit with a bacterial infection that developed on the outside of her mouth (impetigo). Double whammy and doubly miserable baby. But we’re getting there. The last few nights she was willing to sleep horizontally (that’s right, she wanted to sleep upright for over a week – guess what this meant for me and Lj…) and overall she smiles a lot more. While I felt stuck in a dark tunnel with that light at the end being so damn far away, I did learn a lot about myself, about what strength is (and what it isn’t), about my relationship with my emotions and about the idea and belief that it is noble to sacrifice myself for my child. I know that last one might strike a chord, but I will elaborate in videos to come. Keep an eye out for more content on @parenting_4_life !

Here is the link to the post where I discuss my experience with sacrificing myself for my child:

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