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Enriching your Life with Community Living

One of the nice things about community living – which, yes I know, I have mentioned many times before – is having different people around, with different expressions and ideas.

Here Cesar is playing with a frozen hand, which Kim came up with after they played with a kitchen glove filled with water (don’t worry LJ, we’ll replace the glove lol).

With Cesar it’s always interesting to see how in playing with him, you start with a base idea (like throwing a glove at people running so as to ‘catch’ them), to a hand water balloon, to a frozen hand. The play naturally goes into a path of creation and expansion, seeing what other elements you can add, take your play to the next level until you get to a place where it’s just completely transformed!

This reminds that often to start with creating something new, it doesn’t have to be perfect and eye-blowing amazing. I have to just start, and trust that I will guide myself and be resourceful. That sometimes, the best plan is no plan but to surrender to the moment and let the path unfold and manifest as you walk it.

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