Living Words, Video

Expanding World, Expanding With Words

Being a parents allows us to redefine who we are to all the facets of life. When babies are very small, we are presented with the opportunity to reflect on who we are with regards to basic human needs. In their very small and vulnerable state, a baby is all about food, safety, shelter, sleep and human connection. While their world is only small and revolves around only a few words, it opens up a whole can of worms for us as parents to review and establish who we’d like to be in relation to the basic necessities of life. As babies grow older and their world expands, so do the words which start to enter their world. As a parent, we have to keep up with the words that are being introduced in their world, so we can direct both ourselves and our child effectively. When we don’t, we become the victim of persistent inner conflict, as our inner compass demands we script our direction, which has been conditioned by our own past.

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