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Herbs and their Living Expression

Got a tummy bug a week or so ago and still not completely over it. Gian got a heatstroke so I am making a late night herbal tea from our holy basil that’s growing in front of our house (which the bees absolutely LOVE) . It’s supposed to be anti viral and assist with heatstroke, taking care of the both of us! Holy basil is also high in magnesium and potassium. I enjoy working with herbs and testing out different ones. I find that each herb holds a specific expression, and when taking it in for instance a tea and experiencing the herb throughout my whole body, gives a good reference on a physical level what it means to embody / live a word. It’s easy to think that you’re for instance calm and relaxed while you’re only imposing a calmness through your consciousness mind, while your body is still on hyper drive in the background. I find that herbs penetrate through the deeper layers of ourselves which I then later can I use to direct myself and my body more specifically. The herbs assisting as a bridge to show me what expressions I can live and need to practice integrating in my every day life. I used the pestle and mortar to crush the leaves a bit to have them release more of their oils and juices. I recently got myself a smallish cast iron Teapot as they keep the tea warmer for a longer period of time and for some reason just tastes better!

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