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Identifying My Reach

I started this little chart for myself inspired by the @eqafe recording ‘Realizing My Reach’.

Drawing it out in circles, layers – me being the dot in the centre, the origin point – made me realise how often I work from the outer layers in. Where I first take care of all those points furthest away from me and will only get to myself ‘if I have time to spare’. In a little chat with Maite over coffee we were discussing how as a mother it’s so easy to want to take care of everything else before yourself. That when I get to my moment of ‘okay, tended to x, y and z NOW I can get some Real work done’ I suddenly realise how hungry I am, how I urgently need to go to the loo, that I am in serious need of a shower,… All my basic needs start popping in my face and instead of going ‘Oh my, I’ve been neglecting myself!’ I react in a sense of inconvenience because I REALLY NEED TO GET THIS AND THAT STILL DONE!!. It’s then no wonder that the world is upside down, where we live in an ultra modern age yet haven’t sorted out hunger or poverty. We don’t even want to take care of our own Basic Needs, seeing it as ‘not so important’ and ‘will get to it when I have some time’. This becomes a pattern that becomes magnified on a Global Scale where our skewed priorities scream us blatantly in the face. Take some time to get your priorities right, it’ll go a long way!

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