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Maite Made her First Mei-Tai! (Say it 10x Fast!)

Made my first mei-tai!! Syntia and I both have become fond of using a wrap to go for walks together. With her getting bigger and my elastic wrap being too hot, cumbersome and elastic, I started researching what the next step would be. After deciding on a mei-tai, the next step was finding out how to make one myself. Gee, am I glad I once pointed at the sewing machine sitting in the cupboard at home, asking my mom if she knew how to use one of those! With her help, I started designing and making my own bags, shirts and pants as a teenager. While I never got particularly good at it, I learnt the basics and gained a confidence knowing that I had a skill I could always rely on if need be, could hone and perfect if I wanted to and could be creative with when inspiration strikes. Repurposing fabric from one of Leila’s wraps… et voilà! Ready for the next chapter in our baby wearing adventure!

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Here’s the link to the tutorial I used: – in case you want to give it a go yourself, or pass it on to your sewing-skill-endowed friend while winking your face off, lol.

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