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Cesar has been talking about the metamorphosis process that caterpillars undergo to become butterflies for the past two weeks. Today, as I was watching the dogs run to our gate, I noticed a butterfly sitting quietly underneath an Aloe leaf – it had just come out of its cocoon! I went to get Cesar, who was super excited to see the Butterfly and the Cocoon. We sat for a while, talking once more about how butterfly lay eggs, out comes a caterpillar and how the caterpillar pupates into a Butterfly. We managed to identify the Butterfly as being a Citrus Swallowtail (and now my husband went ‘So that’s all those caterpillars chowing away our citrus trees!’). I often find that once something strikes Cesar’s interest – it’s only a matter of time before an opportunity presents itself where we can observe his interest in Real Life form. Has anyone else notices this tendency, that something opens up in the reality of your child or of your own – and before you know it, it shows up in your life?

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