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Mirror, Mirror

When did you last see yourself in the mirror and spontaneously wanted to give yourself a big smooch? Lol, I don’t remember ever feeling that way! As for many, looking in the mirror has over the years become an automated moment of self-scrutinizing, self-criticising and self-judging. As soon as I’d see my reflection in the mirror I would go into CHECKING MODE: looking for flaws, faults, anything that I think *other people* might judge or in some way make an issue of, to then look at how I can better hide or mask those parts of my body. This simple moment of seeing how Syntia interacts with her reflection had me ponder the extent to which I have made private moments of seeing myself in the mirror… about others. Here I am faced with me but all I think of us other people 🤔. Becoming more aware of myself in front of the mirror in recent days I noticed that I had *started* changing my mirror-moments. I now for instance will first look myself in the eyes, for a second connecting with me and also checking how clear or dull my eyes are, how relaxed or strained. When I see something is off in my eyes I check where I am inside my body, what emotions I am suppressing or what issue I am avoiding to look at. (Check out @mindbodyinnerverse if you’re interested in learning how to work with your body in this way!) But after this moment of eye (I) /self checking I would go right back to looking for flaws. I can do more to transform my mirror-moments! For instance, I can change my starting point when checking my body from Fear to Support : taking a look at what my body looks like so I can see where and how my body may require some extra support. What our body feels like is one thing, but some symptoms of strain or defficiency are easier to spot through seeing your own reflection. Since I am used to checking myself in the mirror in any case, I might as well do it in a supportive way for both myself and my body – transforming my mirror-moments into intimate moment of support with me and my body. Thank you, Syntia for unconditionally inspiring me to do and be better.

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