Once in a while you may read a blog that mentions pendulum dowsing or muscle testing. While both are outwardly very simple techniques, they inwardly work with a multi-dimensional dynamic and framework.

Pendulum dowsing and muscle testing takes into account all of you within a given moment. If you’re excited, nervous, asking questions out of personal gain or blatantly asking inappropriate questions (‘where’s my car keys’ without having done any effort on your part to use your brain to look for them) – then the results will be equal to your starting point = unreliable.

When I was first introduced to Muscle Testing, some 7-8 years ago – I played around with it but eventually decided to stop. I knew I couldn’t trust myself with it.

This is not to say that if you’re interested in developing skills in pendulum dowsing or muscle testing that it will take you many years to get there, or that you shouldn’t do it at all – but that you should take on such an endeavour with the necessary seriousness, responsibility and self-scrutiny.

Personally, I do not use pendulum dowsing or muscle testing for anything that I know I can do without it. It’s not a tool to defer my personal responsibility. It’s at all times a complimentary tool that can assist in fine-tuning and specifying myself, but I do not depend solely on it. It’s a partnership of enhancement, not of dependency.

̴  Leila