Our Principles

On this page we’ve outlined the principles we stand and strive to live by. You do not have to agree to all of them, though being aware of our principles will help you to better understand where we are coming from and how we look at things.

The starting point or foundational principle from which all our principles emerge is that of Oneness and Equality.

Oneness and Equality


Oneness implies that we are all One, we are all part of an interconnected whole, where we are part of the whole as much as the whole is a part of us. We can compare this to the interconnected and oneness of the human body. While we can point at and identify distinctive features such as our eyes or heart, they form part of a whole, our body. When we refer to our body, they are naturally included


Equality implies that each part of the whole is equal to every other part and to the whole itself. Using the analogy of the body, we have distinctive parts to our body, each with a unique function that adds to the overall effective operation of the whole. While each part is different, would it be missing or dysfunctional, it would diminish and affect the whole. Something as small as a single cell that is misaligned can ripple through consequences for the whole body (eg. cancer)

We are always in a state of Oneness and Equality even when that state creates suffering. Oneness and Equality frame our existence within the parameters that we provide it. Our purpose is to manifest Oneness and Equality on the level of What is Best for All.


From the principle of Oneness and Equality, we can derive more sets of principles that can practically guide us in our everyday life:


Give as you would like to Receive (and you will Receive as you Give)

Given that we are all One and Equal, every person, animal, plant and even material objects represent another aspect of ourselves, as we all share in the same origin, Life, and the substance of the Earth. However we treat another, is how we treat ourselves. When we cast judgment unto another, we are directly casting judgment unto ourselves. While we all exist as individualised form, we all come from the same source of Life. When the lung judges the heart, it’s judging the same body it exists as. When we raise our children in a way that truly supports them, they will equally support us to develop our best potential.


What is Best for me is Best for All

What supports me to be and live my utmost potential, supports the whole to manifest its utmost potential. When my behaviour is as such that it is diminishing the whole, I know my behaviour is diminishing me too. When I think of only myself and disregard others, I lose the regard of others for me. My actions are best for me and best for all when they enhance both myself and the whole. If I am unwilling to stand as any other part of the whole, whom may be affected adversely by my actions, I am dishonest in my actions. When the liver decides to stop detoxifying the body and it adversely affects the heart, it weakens the whole body, the liver included. What comes around goes around.


Self-Honesty (Self Honouring our Oneness and Equality)

When my thoughts, words and deeds are Self-Honest, I am honouring my Oneness and Equality with all that exists. My ability to be Self-Honest is determined by the understanding of my actions and their outflows and at any given time is bound to my ability to consider what is Best for All. As my understanding, awareness and specificity expands of Who I am and How I influence the whole, so does my Self Honesty. My Self-Honesty is mine alone, as I am in a unique position and possess a unique expression. What works well for me, may not work well for another. As such I do not compare my Self Honesty to that of another yet in humbleness consider all perspectives provided to me.


As Within, so Without

Whatever I participate in inside myself, I create outside of myself. The world as it exists in its totality is the manifestation of our collective current and past acceptances and allowances. I live that which I want to see in the world, and I use the world as a mirror to see what exists in me.



I am absolutely responsible for my thoughts, words and actions, and equally are others responsible for their own thoughts, words and actions. My mind, being and body belong to me and are under my directive, my domain. While I cannot force others to change, I acknowledge that I am able to influence others on the level of making things harder or easier for them.



The more aware I am of myself and my inner reality and environment, the more empowered I become to be specific about what I accept and allow within myself and my environment. Self-Awareness brings me closer to myself and the whole.


Self-Creation in a context of Co-creation

Reality at any given point in time is in a state of Oneness and Equality. We are all individual creators together co-creating our shared reality. At any given point in time we are One and Equal to what we collectively accept and allow. It is our responsibility to fully integrate the principles of Oneness and Equality on a level of what is Best for All to manifest Oneness and Equality as Best for All. We cannot do this alone, but as all-one.