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Sign Language for Baby and Parents

When we noticed that Syntia started using gestures to try to bring a message across, we took a dive into the baby signing world. Baby sign language is a popular method to give babies the ability to communicate their needs more effectively and specifically, especially before they have mastered the articulating and sounding of words. And indeed, we have seen Syntia make use of some of the signs we learnt together and she responds differently to signs we make – sweeeeet! But!! What has perhaps been even more awesome is that Lj and I now have the ability to communicate using sign language when Syntia is for instance asleep on my lap. Before, I would have to cover my mouth to not burst out in laughter at Lj’s funny attempts to make himself understood with gestures, most of the time having no idea what he was trying to convey. Now that we are equipped with a small range of agreed upon signs, it suddenly becomes a breeze. We looked up specific words that we use often, expanding our signing vocab. Here Lj is making the sign for ‘horse’. He was asking if he would be the one tending to the horses today, or if I would be the one to go. How cool is that!
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