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The Thought of Losing my Child

To date, the most challenging experience I’ve come across is seeing my daughter being ill and facing the thought of losing her. In this podcast I share what happened to Syntia in recent weeks and how I in turn reacted to what was unfolding. To be honest, this is not an experience I know how to ‘solve’, I don’t have the answer – but I do know that I will continue to support myself in which ever way I can so that I can stand and be here as a support for Syntia no matter what she goes through. There will be more recordings or posts on this topic to follow, in the meantime – please feel free to share your own experiences, tips and suggestions – I can use all the mommy wisdom in the world on this!

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  1. Marzanna Rutkowska says:

    Hello!!Matie !!I am not sure if You speak german..i mention many times about new german medicine ,dr.Hammer -who was genius of our time ,I wish that there is more info in english-but there is not now ,check on you tube dr.Hammer work.As antibiotic food grade hydroperoxide -ask Randy Kraft -he knows more about it .The oregano oil and garlic oil has quality of antibiotic .Also can You used Sunnette ask her as a portal -how can she support about .I wish you all best .Definetelly homeopathy work.I don’t have to much experience with sick children .What you describe ticks not only carry Lyme bacteria but many different bacteria also,so this could be infection .

    1. Maite says:

      I don’t speak German – but maybe Google Translate can help me out ;). Syntia made it through the disease and is back to her normal happy self with only homeopathy as support, so this definitely is an experience that already helps me for the next time, though need to open up my own relationship with illness, disease, medication, etc because I realized to what extent I relied on meds to ‘take care of the illness for me’ and me not really taking any directive action or stance when I get ill myself, so I’ll have to walk this for myself so that Syntia in turn can learn from my example and develop a more effective relationship with her body than I have done thus far. On the ticks, here in South Africa ticks don’t carry Lyme disease luckily, but yes, they can transfer tick bite fever and this is definitely what Syntia experienced. Thank you for your recommendations, I’ll check them out!!

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