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Today was Snake Day!

Today was #SnakeDay!

Cesar and I went to go check up on the strawberries and fruit trees inside our covered fruit tree mini forest in the nursery (spearheaded by my hubby with @earth_haven_project) where we found a lady bug (the day before we discussed how different bugs play different roles in supporting plant life while being in our Eco tunnel). As we went out the nursery area something caught my eye by the crassula – a snake skin! Gian carefully untangled it to get a scope of its size. This is the longest snake skin we’ve found on our farm. This discovery came with a plethora of questions from Cesar which got promptly answered with a book and YouTube videos. Once satisfied he took the snakeskin to others to tell them all about snakes. Fast forward 15 minutes – we’re by the pool with the dogs going for a swim, when LJ spotted a snake. The Herald snake was dead (non poisonous) and seemed to have lost a battle with a rat. It’s impressive to see how such in-the-moment learning experiences integrate and stick immediately! With the advent of technology and access to digital information, home education is a powerful vessel to answer questions as fast as they come up and widen our understanding of ourselves and the world.

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