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Gian and I have the same type of water bottle and we always get confused as to what bottle is whose. I also often add mineral drops and apple cider vinegar to my water, which Gian and Cesar find to not be a pleasant way to find out they got a hold of my water bottle lol. So I decided we can put some stickers on our bottles so we know which bottle of whose. LJ and Maite had some stickers they got when prepping for a long drive with Syntia (pasting stickers on your face has been known to provide relief and entertainment for small children during long travels ) so I asked if I could use some of them. As I was looking at which sticker to put on my bottle, the one in the picture caught my eye but I decided it would be too selfish to pick the prettiest sticker for myself. I asked Cesar to pick out stickers for our bottles. He took his time investigating all his options and eventually with great determination told me to use this one for my bottle. Afterwards he told me he picked that one for me because it has beautiful eyes and long hair like me .

When you’ve been in an emotional rut, and can’t tell left from right – a small moment like this for me helped me to drop all the things I was carrying as a burden, things I thought were important to worry about and to for a moment see myself through the eyes of my child and remind myself of what is really important. I don’t want to dull my eyes with matters which may or may not happen and keep me from seeing what is right in front of me – I want to keep the spark in my eyes and grow it in every moment as I walk with my son and to equally see his spark grow and shine. To see and nurture the best in one another, to have faith in the undying fire of Life and that we can create a world that is Best for All. Everything else is a distraction.

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