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Travel Mug Parenting Hack

Parenting hack Always drink coffee, tea or any other hot beverage in a travel mug when you’re with your little people! I had to learn this one the hard way … When Syntia was about 6 months old a cup of coffee (that had just been reheated) got bumped over on the table and the coffee ran from the table, across the breastfeeding pillow, unto Syntia’s back. Once it happens, it goes so quickly, you can’t stop, it’s already too late. She’d been asleep and woke up screaming. We acted Fast to remove the wet clothing and support her and her skin. Luckily in our case there were no blisters or any other signs of physical repercussions, but it’s an event that could have been avoided altogether. These are the type of things we don’t hear about often, but are more common than we think. No one likes to share their mistakes, especially if it involved someone else getting hurt – myself included. But it’s through sharing our lessons learnt, no matter how painful, that we can prevent another from repeating our mistakes. I am 1 vote for creating a world where communicating in vulnerability and intimacy is the norm, a world where fear of judgment, gossip or social shunning doesn’t even come up in us, and so doesn’t hold us back from sharing our trials and successes with one another, to the benefit of everyone. Creating that world starts with us, in the seemingly small and ordinary moments of our everyday lives. I’ll drink to that. Will you join me? .

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